Screening Days February 2019

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On 27th & 28th February 2019 Team Ben Hammond held their 3rd & 4th Heart Screening days carried out by CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)

A total of 182 young people were screened by CRY over the two days, unfortunately out of the 200 that were booked in 18 people didn’t show up. A little bit disappointing as it costs £5000 per screening day where 100 people can be screened, so missed appointments are at a cost of £50 per person.
Out of the 182 people six went on to have an echo-cardiogram after the ECG and all six were luckily given the all clear. Two others were asked to return in a year for a re -check. This is usually when a younger persons heart isn’t quite mature enough to get an accurate reading. Two people had letters sent to their GP so they are aware of anything that may need following up.
CRY arrived the evening before to set up 3 ECG machines and an Echo-Cardiogram machine. On the day, there is a reception area to sign in, Team Ben Hammond were on hand in the waiting area offering teas, coffees squash and biscuits and available for a chat. A screening nurse would come and collect the next patient for an ECG (electrocardiogram) a painless procedure where the patient is wired up to a machine that measures the electrical activity of the heart. A specialist cardiac consultant is present to read the results and will request an Echo test (Echo-cardiogram – a type of ultrasound scan) if necessary. Once complete every patient will see the cardiac consultant who will go through their results. is carried out and a specialist cardiology doctor on hand to talk through the results.