…the long(er) road to London Marathon 2021

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The Big Half – London – March 2020

Impossible is nothing

With the 2020 London Marathon postponed my goal had disappeared. I wondered how I could maintain my running mojo’.

Truth is it wasn’t easy, running has become part of whom I am. But with no end goal it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a long road. The tractor costume had been designed and tested and I was ready to go. Then a global pandemic came along and the tractor has been in storage ever since.

However, being able to take myself away and run has given me time to let my brain unspool the tangles that build up during the days, weeks and months of lockdowns.

I think the idea to run every day for a year up to the rearranged London Marathon came to me whilst I ran through the woods in High Halden, a place of silence, trees and tranquility. Today saw run one hundred and fifty four of three hundred and sixty five. It was no different to the others but it was another one ticked off!


So it is on, run every day then become the fastest tractor to run a marathon. There’s no doubt it’s a challenge, but as they say:

‘Impossible is nothing’